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By Larry Blocher, Eugene Migliaro Corporon, Ray Cramer, Tim Lautzenheiser, Edward S. Lisk, and Richard Miles. Compiled and edited by Richard Miles.


Taking a multi-cultural approach to band literature and conducting, this mammoth 680-page volume picks up where the best-selling first book left off, giving band conductors the tools they need to help performers move beyond the printed page to musical awareness and understanding.

The chapters and Teacher Resource Guides are even more extensive than those in the first volume!

Chapters include "Teaching Music" by Larry Blocher, "The Rehearsal: Mastery of Music Fundamentals" by Edward S. Lisk, "Performing Music of Multi-Cultural Diversity" by Ray Cramer, "Teaching Music from a Historical Perspective" by Richard Miles, "Whole Brain Listening" by Eugene Corporon, "Composing Music that Educates" by Jack Stamp, and "Successful Music Advocacy" by Tim Lautzenheiser.

The 100 Teacher Resource Guides give a special emphasis to works reflecting the multi-cultural diversity of our world, Grades 2–6. Each Guide includes information about the composer, the composition, historical background, technical requirements, stylistic considerations, important musical elements (including form and structure), and suggested recordings and references.


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Teaching Music through Performance in Band • Vol. 2

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